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Storm In the Bag




Box of Chocolates update

The men’s division is FULLLLLLLL! And the women’s division is close to the same so ladies, what are you waiting for???

The BOC roster is grewwwww! So who’s going to take home the chocolate?

Tournament Calendar

If you click on Tournaments on the menu bar, you can see a list of some area tournaments. It’s time to tune up for the big money tournaments.

Do not miss the 10 gamer at Country Club this Friday (Jan 30) at 10pm. The event is on Facebook, “10 Game Marathon”. It is $65 and Shane Bertazon is the defending champion.

Do you want to

improve your game?

A great way to improve your game is to challenge yourself by practicing on USBC certified sport patterns. The Lanes Ft. Meade lays down whatever pattern the Monday league is on every Sunday. This coming Sunday they will put out the PBAx Badger.

A little insight: The Badger is runs 52’ in length. Act like the 10 board is the gutter and DO NOT USE a lot of surface! Using surface breaks the fronts down to fast and forces you in to soon which leads to a loss of entry angle. Target between 11-15 and play the hold down the lane around board 15.

!Q Tour Nano

Dec 9

Pink Clear

Dec 9


Oct 14