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Storm In the Bag




Box of Chocolates Recap

The ladies division came down to Kayla Bandy, the reigning champ attempting to be the first back-to-back champ. She posted 242 making T’nia Falbo need two in the tenth and she melted the pins and snow with 247 finish. Rounding out the top 5 were Danielle Johnson, Megan Buja & Amanda Wise

The men’s title came down to Joe Tremper vs. Ricky Henderson and Joe prevailed in a 217-200 match. Our other top 5 finishers were Pat McGainey Jr. Troy Lint & Jeremy Elder.

Opposites Attract

Visit the Opposites Attract page to print this year’s flyer. Entry number 1 goes to Megan Buja & Brian Knauer Sr.!

Do you want to

improve your game?

A great way to improve your game is to challenge yourself by practicing on USBC certified sport patterns. The Lanes Ft. Meade lays down whatever pattern the Monday league is on every Sunday. This coming Sunday they will put out the PBAx Bear.

A little insight: The Bear runs 40’ in length and flat! Your shot making is going to be challenged!!! Straighter is greater as you can’t move left or right to find more oil … its flat!!!

!Q Tour Nano

Dec 9

Pink Clear

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FEB 24