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Storm In the Bag




Opposites Attract

It took 18 games to decide the belt as it came down to last year’s runners-up, Jen & Dan Higgins versus Jasmine Coleman and Andrew Anderson. Dan and Andrew washed each other out with solid games. Jen rolled a 246 but Jasmine pulled off a 267 game that proved to be the difference.

40 Boards was honored to host 68 magnificently talented teams!!!

Opposites Attract Sweeper

The Friday night sweeper title goes to Jimmy Cook of Indianapolis! Rounding out the top 10 are Jen Higgins, Ray Smarsh, Dan Higgins, Zack Brown, Tim Pfeifer, Joely O’Grady, Adorna Hayward, Rusty Thomsen and Samantha Williams. Jim bowled 964 and it took 865 to cash.

Do you want to

improve your game?

A great way to improve your game is to challenge yourself by practicing on USBC certified sport patterns. The Lanes Ft. Meade lays down whatever pattern the Monday league is on every Sunday.

Meade is currently running the 2015 Open Championships pattern too. Meade uses the ICE oil just like the tournament in El Paso.


FEB 24


FEB 24


JUN 30


JUN 30