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Storm In the Bag




Opposites Attract

Visit the Opposites Attract page to print this year’s flyer. Entry number 1 goes to Megan Buja & Brian Knauer Sr.! We have since added three teams to the roster!!!

Remember, entries received on or prior to May 23 are a “Benjamin” cheaper than those after that date. Step one, secure a partner and step two is to get your entry to us before you get left out!

Do you want to

improve your game?

A great way to improve your game is to challenge yourself by practicing on USBC certified sport patterns. The Lanes Ft. Meade lays down whatever pattern the Monday league is on every Sunday. This coming Sunday they will put out the 2015 Team & doubles/single pattern.

A little insight: This year’s patterns are flatter and being able to stay to the right longer is more advantageous.

!Q Tour Nano

Dec 9

Pink Clear

Dec 9


Oct 14


FEB 24


FEB 24